Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What early childhood game does the hubs remember? - (Mark C.)

Apparently, My husband and Mark C. are in cahoots to take over my blog.  Evidence: January 1 the blog was suggested by Mark.  January 2 the blog was suggested by my husband AND was about him.  Today's post was suggested by Mark and is about the hubs yet again.  I suppose this is what I should have expected when I assigned him the duty of crafting my writing challenge list.  

In order to take back what is rightfully mine I will interview my husband for this post and wildly misrepresent his answers for my gain.  Giddy-up:

When did you first play video games?
Good question.  I don’t know.  Though I’m sure it was under the influence of my brother.  
What is one of your earliest video game memories?
I guess playing Centipede on Atari 2600.

Hmm, interesting...never heard of it.  When did you know you were an avid video gamer?
When I was willing to purchase a Nintendo 64 on launch day just to have it, even though I didn’t have enough money saved up to buy a game as well.  Thanks for spotting me, mom.  (I love this story...isn't he the cutest?!?)

Was your family supportive of your interests?
My brother was certainly supportive.  There were a few years where I was old enough to play games with him and he was still in the house.  My mom was surprisingly supportive.  She bought into the hand-eye coordination, using your brain thing.  I vividly remember a short conversation we had.
                Me: Can I watch tv?
                Mom: No
                Me: Can I play video games?
                Mom: Yes.

Do you harbor any repressed feelings regarding video games and childhood?
How should I know?  They’d be repressed, right?
Fine, good point.  Now, I know the answer to this, well maybe I don't actually, but for the people at home...please tell us, do you still own any of your childhood games/systems? (eye roll...here we go)
Question:  When does childhood end?
Systems:  All of them except the DS I recently traded in.  NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, original Gameboy, GB pocket, GB color, GB Advance, GB Advance SP, 3DS, Virtual Boy, Super Scope 6 (counting as a system because it is hardware), Playstation, Playstation 2.
Games:  It’s philosophical.  For current-generation games, I have no problem trading them in, and for a couple reasons.  They are readily available.  If I wanted to relive an xbox game from a few years ago, I can get it in the bargain bin at GameStop.  Also, saved games are on my hard drive now, not a cartridge.  I would have a more difficult time getting rid of my Secret of Mana cartridge with a save at the end of the game.  I have dozens of NES, SNES and Gameboy games laying around.

Do you own any other video game paraphernalia?
No. (Thank God.)  Nintendo boxers. (Which I bought him.)

How will you introduce gaming to our young ones?
Hmm.  Carefully.  As with any media, you have be aware of what your kids see.  Plus, I know it can be a slippery slope and a time-waster if not treated correctly.

Ok, so I have to admit that, in actuality, I quoted my husband nearly verbatim.  He had interesting nuggets to share  I didn't really answer Mark's question though.  Oops :)

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  1. Repressed feelings regarding video games and childhood?

    The only system I see missing is the XBox... perhaps the system that has brought Zach into adulthood (?). Certainly no childhood memories attached to Limbo. Man, that game is creepy!