Monday, January 2, 2012

How my husband survied a week without his 360 - (Zach L.)

I consider myself to be fairly low maintenance.  I rarely wear makeup.  I will pee in the woods.  I have gone without coffee.  Really, the only thing I won't tolerate is pulp in my orange juice.  That's just gross.

For the most part, I consider my husband to be low maintenance, too.  Though he has a well defined taste for certain things, I have never seen him pitch a fit out of inflexibility.  Which is why this blog theme (submitted nearly a week before we left on vacation) puzzled me.  Perhaps he has it worse than I realized.  Clearly, he is functional, but addicted all the same.

If you are also an avid video gamer, this is the moment in my post where you can feel free to raise your 3DS, smartphone, or other mobile device above your head with two outstretched hands, close your eyes, and lift a prayer of thanks to its creator (small c, though I suppose the big C would also be happy to hear from you so go for it.)   

So, how did he survive a week (at his mom's) without his 360?  Clearly, his iPhone helped, but I think a couple other things helped him cope.  Here they are (in my opinion):

1.Food.  My mother-in-law knows how to baby her baby (and his girls.)  On top of the normal holiday bounty, she made for us (in one day alone) french toast, Manhattan clam chowder, spaghetti and meatballs and homemade hot fudge sauce for our ice cream.

2.The Strong National Museum of Play.  If you have never been, I highly recommend it.  We took our toddler one morning and she had a blast.  She pretend-shopped at a mini Wegman's, discovered the classic magic that is a slinky, and helped build an actual keystone arch out of blocks that she could walk under.  Oh, and did I mention there was a video game exhibit?

3.Infinity Blade.  Even though the hubs brought his 3DS to play the new Professor Layton game he never turned it on.  I suppose his iPhone met his needs this week.  Regardless, one downside to mobile gaming, of course, is the inferior voyeuring it provides.  He graciously offered to show me his game and his sword and everything one night, but I had a headache.

4.Words with Friends.  Honestly, this game also added enjoyment to my week (I am part of the mobile gaming community, what?!?).  My sweet man bought be an iPhone 4s for Christmas and I am in love.  I have barely begun to fully embrace its capabilities, but I have downloaded Words with Friends.  And lost.  To my husband.  Which was made even worse when, not only did the banner of the game exclaim "You lost!", but the alert popped up with this message: "Zach L. has won.  You have lost to Zach L."  I get it!  How many times must you rub my face in it?  Sheesh.

So...who wants to play? 


  1. I love words with friends. rose.moore :)

  2. I guess I need to download me some Words with Friends!

  3. KP, you make me had a headache!!! HA!

  4. LC - great to hear. That's mostly why I do this, after all.