Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 10 sexy video game chicks to play as - (Ryan D.)

I am not in the business of objectifying women.  But, I am also not in the business of going back on my word.  In the official rules of my self-inflicted 30 Day Writing Challenge I agreed to have the readers submit topics and my husband choose the finalists.  And, since I assume at least half of you are men, here is the list:

10. Morrigan    Darkstalkers
9. Sophitia       Soul Calibur
8. Hana           Fear Effect
7. Cammy        Street Fighter
6. Fran            Final Fantasy XII
5. Ayane          Dead or Alive
4. Chun Li        Street Fighter
3. Miranda       Mass Effect 2
2. Tifa             Final Fantasy VII
1. Catwoman    Batman: Arkham City

In case you were wondering, yes, I dutifully looked up all of these "women" online and gave them each their deserved once over (ok, fine some times I looked them up and down twice.)  As I am sure you could guess they all have HUGE brains.  I did chose a favorite, though.  It's Chun Li.

Alright, go ahead, ignore the rest of this post for now and "Google Ogle" the rest.

For those of you who remain (or have returned, disillusioned) I now would like to educate you on 10 additional women you may not know.  These women come from a wee little book a friend gave me on my 18th birthday entitled, "365 Women Who Made a Difference."  I remembered it while writing the beginning of this post and actually found it in the attic.  I then spent at least an hour perusing it.  This is what I learned (5 for now, 5 for later.  I enjoy spreading estrogen laden love...wait.):

1. Virginia Apgar, 1909-1974 - One of the first women to graduate from Columbia University's medical school, Apgar became the first full professor of anesthesiology there.  Having attended 17,000 births, she introduced her Newborn Scoring System (and test) in 1952 which is now used all over the world.

2. Antoinette Brown Blackwell, 1825-1921 - Became the first woman minister of a recognized denomination in the United States when she was ordained by the First Congregational Church in 1853.  She graduated from Oberlin (the Alma mater of my friend who gave me this book.)  

3. Mary Elizabeth Bowser, 1839-? - After gaining her freedom upon the death of her master, she went to Philly on his family's dime to be educated.  When the Civil War began, she returned to Richmond and became a servant in Jefferson Davis' Confederate White House.  There she gained access to verbal plans and even written documents.  She leaked her information to her benefactors who happened to know Union General Grant personally. 

4. Margaret Brent, 1600?-1670 - Named executor for the will of the governor of Maryland, she owned her own land and frequently represented her self in court winning every case.  In 1647 she made a landmark request to be granted two votes in the assembly.  It was denied, of course, but Brent left her mark as the first American suffragist. 

5. Jackie Mitchell, 1914?-1987 - The first woman to sign a contract with a professional baseball league, she pitched for Chattanooga in an April 1931 exhibition game against the Yankees.  She struck out both Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

Now, don't go sayin' I never taught you nothin'.

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