Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do you miss softball? - (M. Kendall L.)

When I was a lass I fancied myself a tomboy.  I rode my bike, climbed trees, abhorred pink and played softball.  I loved going to Orioles games with my dad.  My favorite player back then was #12 Mike Devereaux.   

I started playing on my church league when I was 8.  My cousin, Nicole played with me on my team.  She pitched and I caught.  We were a dynamic duo of sorts.  When I started out, I played behind the plate because, frankly, I wasn't that great.   As I got older, the game became more interesting (stealing bases, facing 65 mph fast balls at only 40 feet, colliding with girls twice my size, dislocating thumbs) and I played behind the plate because, frankly, I was good.

My softball career ended when I graduated from high school.  As an adult, it did enjoy a brief revival in the social scene.  For at least two years I was a proud member of the Polk Audio co-ed slow pitch softball team.  Believe it or not, we did not drink on the field.  We were serious.  And, we seriously lost most of our games.  It was fun.

I actually don't remember too much about those days (clearly due to the brain cell loss I have suffered since.  I blame pregnancy and what results.)  I do, however, remember going out after the games.  We would hit a local restaurant that serendipitously offered two for one pizzas and imports those nights.  Actually, I am not sure that was a real deal, but we (not me specifically) knew two very well endowed waitresses that, for some reason I do not understand, hooked us up. 

Moving on, I don't think I miss softball, exactly.  But, I do miss getting out and playing like I did when I was 8.  I miss sitting outside in the warmth of a summer dusk eating sweet potato fries with my team, all sweaty and dusty from a game.  

Addendum (a first in voyeur history):  I can't leave the subject of softball without mentioning comedian Brian Regan.  Here is audio of one of his more famous bits on Little League.  If you want to skip to the softball minute try 5:35, but I recommend listening straight through.  (I apologize for the ridiculous photo stills, but I guess a lot of his older live stuff is down now due to copyright issues.)

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