Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our girls in 10 years (M. Kendall L.)

In ten years, our two little girls will be nearly 11 and 13.  They will be in the fifth and seventh grades respectively.  At the start of the following school year, they will be in middle school together.  Hopefully, they will be friends more often than not.  Maybe they will even share clothes and accessories.  Hmm, they might even be into makeup.  Oh jeez, they will be wearing bras at this age!  I sure hope we have more than one full bathroom by then.

In ten years, I pray that our older daughter still loves school as much as she does now (even though she has yet to start.)  I pray that she still loves her "orange" hair (though I hope she has outgrown correcting people when they call it red.)  I pray that she loves her sister, does not feel burdened by her, but still protects and teaches her freely.

I pray that our little one remains as laid back in her youth as she has been as a baby (that attitude will serve her, and her family, well as a preteen girl.)  I pray that she grows some hair by then (what blonde fuzz she currently has will not serve her well at this age.)  I pray that she loves her sister, does not feel forever in her shadow, but still emulates her willingly.

For my husband, I pray that our girls are pretty, but not too pretty.

Will they play sports?  Will they play music?  Will they like to read?  Will they like to write?  I don't want to project, but I hope they enjoy many things, all of these things and more.  Now...will they play video games?  I hope so, too.

I hope we will all play together.  I know my husband will certainly have a console or two or ten still lying around by then.  Maybe we will have a night set aside for video games.  Maybe we will all solve the puzzles together.  Maybe we will pop corn and make root beer floats and lie on floor pillows in front of the fire...

For me, I pray that our girls still want to hang out with us then like they do now. 

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