Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cosplay - (Matthew W.)

Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what cosplay was.  I saw the topic in my list for this challenge and assumed it must be describing a type of bedroom shenanigan involving boldly patterned crew neck sweaters.  I have since educated myself a bit on the subject (thank you, as always, dear Internet.)

Come to find out, I already knew what cosplay was, I just didn't know what cosplay meant.  For years, I worked in downtown Baltimore, home to one of many conventions known as "Comic Con."  Every summer I watched cosplay play out in a magnificent fashion.  I rode into town on the Metro next to Superman.  I ate lunch as the nearby food court with Harley Quinn.  I may or may not have seen Bobo Fett in Banana Republic at the Gallery mall.  There was lots of makeup and weird weapons and skin, skin, skin.  These people are devout.

In case you have yet to catch up, cosplay is short for "costume play" and represents a type of performance art wherein participants dress up as characters from anime, graphic novels, comic books, video games, and the like.  I suppose it is a type of role play, though I do not know if any acting, per se, is involved.  However, based on some of these amazing photos I assume these artists full monty it in every direction. 

Though I can respect the amount of thought, time, and energy "cosplaying" requires, I am ridiculously relieved that my husband is not into this.  Though, if I had to guess, I suppose he might choose to dress up as Spike from Cowboy Bebop (an anime series he adores and, yes, I have watched.  Hmm, great blog topic idea.  Why didn't one of you think of it?!?)  If you know the character (and my husband), you realize this would not be a huge departure for him (Spike basically wears a suit and tie.)  Regardless, I vote cosplay as a deal breaker.

I mean, let's get real.  I would never partake in cosplay.  I don't even dress up for Halloween.  I used to, of course.  It was fun.  And, I guess I did dress up as She-Ra (Princess of Power) when I was six.  I don't think that counts, but if I revisited that costume again this year...thoughts?


  1. I thought Shira used to wear underwear? I guess times change.

    If Zach were to dress up as a Cowboy Bebop character, it would have to be the blond cowboy who whistles all the time. He needs a white cowboy hat. And a horse.

  2. True story: when Dave and I were engaged I went with him to Otakon. He was in a costume. I would tell you which one, but wikipedia is blocked out today and I can't remember. Someone from Naruto. I was wearing a shirt that said "I <3 my geek." We were outside of the convention center when the ravens game crowd was walking by. We were just sort of thinking to ourselves "huh, maybe we belong more in this other group of people..." when one of the attorneys from the firm where I had interned for the summer walked by. She totally saw me so I had no choice but to say hello and make small talk, Dave's eye makeup notwithstanding. That story went out to my future colleagues via blackberry before kickoff. I still haven't lived it down (and yes, I even changed jobs. The story arrived at the new firm before I did).

  3. I'm falling somewhere in-between feeling like these people have way too much time on their hands and maybe need a significant other—and getting girl crushes/tot jeal of these amazing women in costumes.

    I think I might need to go to Comic Con one year, just out of pure curiosity. Let's dress up and go together—for um, undercover research for your blog. Right.

  4. @kt, that's one of my favorite episodes. Cowboy Andy!

  5. We are totally going to Comic-con as a house church and we can be The Guild! (I'm thinking no one will read this post.)