Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini/micro vans (Mark A.)

I'm not feeling it tonight.  It's not that I don't have anything to say.  It's not that I don't love my microvan (if that's a term) or this blog, for that matter.  I'm just not sure I have anything to say on this subject that anyone would want to read.  I have felt this way other nights this month, but some how got away without saying (or writing) it.  I guess once out of 23 posts ain't bad.

Anyway, we have a Mazda5.  It is the car I drive.  We got it because it did for us what a minivan would do for us without being a minivan.  Cause, well, I really didn't want to have my second child, turn 30 and buy a minivan all in one year.  Plus, I can still pretend it's sporty.  zoom zoom.  

Here's a  review.  If you want one, buy one.

And, here's a peak at the inside of my van, er, I mean my sleek and sassy microvanesque car:

- a squashed box of tissues
- a nearly finished caffeinated beverage from last week
- multiple hand sanitizers tucked into strategic locations (mostly because I forgot where I hid the previous ones)
- a bag of clothes or other baby item that belongs to someone else and I have yet to return
- not my dashboard Jesus (He's in the kitchen...did I need to capitalize that?)
- an umbrella
- an umbrella stroller
- a double stroller
- CD's I never get to listen to because our toddler has gotten jiggy with age appropriate music
- at least 12 lost Cheerios and 9 lost Goldfish
- a pair of my husband's shoes (ask him)

Can I get an amen?!?


  1. Grr. Yeah, I guess we are getting one of these "not-a-minivan-but-still-not-hip-childless" microvans. I refuse to get a minivan, and Mark is in agreement, but I hate SUVs and, geesh, I'm not happy about this.

  2. You can blame it on me for a sub-par theme suggestion. I guess Zach picked it out. Maybe he has more to say. You were much more excited about your microvan when I saw you in October. Giddy, even. Reality has set in. It's really just a big toy for your kids. You're merely a driver. *sigh* Onward to January 24!

  3. @loner2003 it had nothing to do with the topic! I actually was looking forward to it. But then, when I sat to write it my brain was mushy.

    @CurlyRed I have accepted it. It really makes my life easier and that has been meaningful. At least it is red :)