Saturday, January 14, 2012

My dream video game - (M. Kendall L.)

I am torn.  There are too many ambitions to fulfill, too many angles to consider, too many fantasies to satisfy.  When it comes to developing my dream video game, I don't think I could create just one.  So, I won't.  Sing with me!  It's my blog and I'll do what I want to, dooo what I want to, dooooo what I want to.  You would do this too, if you happened to have a cool blog like miiiiine (or something like that).

My dream video game to watch
I would love to watch a game that took place somewhere breathtakingly beautiful, like a beach in Bali.  I would want to hear the sounds of the ocean, the waves, the birds, the wind in the trees.  In my opinion, tropical locales are under represented in video games.

Like my sister gamer wives, I prefer games with puzzles that I can help my husband solve.   Wouldn't it be nice to stroll along the shore unlocking riddles and uncovering clues?  Perhaps there is a loose story line wherein you are stranded on the island and need to solve the puzzles to earn food and clothes and other supplies, like frozen strawberry margaritas.  

My dream video game to play
I know, I know, I don't like to play.  I like to watch.  But, I feel like I am missing out.  My husband plays video games for many reasons.  One of which, I am sure, is to escape.  He has this vehicle that actively allows him to get lost in a different place, a different story.  I have never been good at doing that.  I read, yes, but mostly magazines and realistic fiction.  I write, yes, but mostly about his hobby.

Basically, I dream of a game that would open up my imagination.  One that would totally engross me.  My mind is so closed that I can't even fathom what I would want to do or accomplish or conquer in a game like this.  I do know that it would have to require a ridiculously simple controller, be side scrolling and by no means require me to change any camera angle, ever.   

My dream video game for the hubs to play
I dream of a game that has little dialogue of its own so my husband can actually talk to me while he plays.  I dream of a game that has many, frequent save points so I don't feel bad when I accidentally linger in front of the screen as the enemy approaches.  I dream of a game that, somehow, still allows my husband to play even though he is both helping me fold laundry and giving me a foot massage.  And, maybe, just maybe, when he beats it, people everywhere will finally be judged, not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.  Oh, and it also transports us to a beach in Bali.


  1. Have you seen Uncharted 3? Sure you kill a ton of people, but the vistas are amazing. Puzzles, too. It's pretty hard, though, so I don't think Zach could rub your feet at the same time.

  2. kt! Thanks for the comment. I have been told that I have not seen that game because it is a PS3 exclusive. Maybe I should have gotten him one for his birthday...