Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stupid Hot Girls on G4 - (Mark L.)

The Voyeur is sick tonight.  She has a bug of some sort that has relegated her to bed, with nothing to do but softly moan.  That is usually something I am involved with, but alas, 'tis not so this time.

This is her husband typing.  I am not sure how to refer to myself. If she is the Video Game Voyeur, what am I?  The Voyee?  I guess the "Resident Gamer" will do.

She made it to 28 in her 30-day challenge.  I am confident she'll be back tomorrow to finish things off proper.  Now, on to the topic...

What is the purpose of "stupid hot girls" on G4?  It seems fairly obvious on the surface.  Get guys to watch.  Get geeky guys to think hot girls are into the same stuff they are.  Build self-esteem and viewership.  The question is: Why is it working?

Mostly these women just come off as irritating.  They do not appear credible.  They make me want to change the channel. Whoever is in control of this corporate image (because that's really what it is) even makes me want to leave their website.  Right now I'm at  Over on the right side of the page they have some host of some show and a quote.  The current quote is supposedly from Candace Bailey. 

"We've tried shotguns, Molotovs, and grenades and the zombies keep coming.  Can't we just hug it out?"

That's frustrating in a way that I'm not sure how to describe.  Yet, people watch Attack of the Show.  The way shows and their hosts are marketed must be having some positive effect, or they wouldn't be doing it.  This leads me to be more upset with gamers in general, who flock to this junk.

Maybe I'm just getting old.  Maybe I'm just not the G4 core audience anymore.  After all, I'm 30, and have a job.  I have a wife and kids and very little time to be wasted.  Any spare time I do get, I want to spend doing something I enjoy like playing games or music. 

Let's turn the attention somewhere else for a moment.  My wife.  The Voyeur herself.  She is almost the complete opposite of stupid hot girls on G4.  She is smart.  She is genuine.  She doesn't pretend to know about what she's reading off the teleprompter.  However, she is also quite the little hottie.  If someone handed me a block of clay and told me to sculpt the perfect butt, I would make her butt. 

In other words: I have what I need, thank you. 


  1. Well spoken, Mr. LeFeber.

    I'd like to add that so many woman seem appalled at the very way ladies in games and game-related shows are portrayed, perhaps gaming publishers would be wise to cater to them. Perhaps a SSF variant where housewives, librarians, Target employees, and the like get to mercilessly beat the poop out of busty, obnoxious, over-make-uped girls using moves like "Sonic Broom" and "A Dew Can" (read Ha-Doo-Ken).

    That would be pretty hilariously rad.

  2. Winner, I like it! You could have a Yoga mom pull off most of Dhalsim's moves.

  3. Hear, hear Resident Gamer. Let Mrs. Voyeur know I hope she feels better.

    I agree with your post on many points (part of the reason I chose this topic). I too find it very irritating that viewers tune in to a game-related show to just gawk at some (game)clueless host. It's their fault those shows have more cleavage than game news.

    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but if I am tuning in (which I rarely due because of the forced "humor" of the bubbly co-host), I want to hear about games.

    I want solid, thought-out reviews, I want previews that excite me, and I want it from someone who actually plays the games!

    There are PLENTY of ways to see "stupid hot girls" online if you really want to (just Google boobs...I mean...I think!?!).

    The reality is as long as most gamers are: male, between the ages of birth and death, and there are boobs, expect them to tune in!

    I'll stick to 1up.

  4. Resident Gamer, you get major hubby points for carrying the torch. Nicely done :)