Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Matthew's Birthday - (Zach L.)

My husband and I have known Matthew and his wife for five or six years now.  I don't remember when we first became friends, exactly.  I do remember when we first met them, though.  It was at a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend.  I don't remember if I brought a gift, per se.  I do remember they brought a "katamari."

No, they did not bring a video game.  And, no, I do not recall if it was Katamari Damacy or I (Heart) Katamari that inspired their creative present.  What they brought was a hand made "ball" of junk all affixed to itself like one you might assemble when playing one of the above titles.  It was cute.  I am pretty sure a Panera cup was involved.  Remember when they used to have Styrofoam ones?  It was one of those. 

A "katamari" is a magical ball that allows anything smaller than it to stick to it and make it grow.  The more you stick to the ball, the larger it gets allowing you to pick up even larger objects with it.  In one of the games you start out by rolling over thumbtacks and dice and such and pretty soon you can pick up tables and people and buildings.  Matthew is an avid gamer and likes lots of different games.  However, I will always associate him with Katamari.

So, in honor of your birthday, dear friend, please picture yourself in a Katamari game that has been especially designed for you.  A sort of "This is Your Life" Katamari Damacy (which oddly roughly translates to "clump soul."  Who knew?)  And to help you envision this crazy scenario, here is a list of items (in increasing size order, of course) that you can pick up as you roll around your world:

- guitar pick
- Mario Kart 7
- broccoli
- capo
- sonic screwdriver
- iPhone
- 3DS
- volcano roll
- mint ice cream cookie sandwich
- Iron & Wine CD
- Belle & Sebastian CD
- Jared Anderson CD
- The Book of Jonah
- Bilingual Easy Readers
- Where the Wild Things Are
- Mo Willems books
- The movie Coraline
- Woodchuck cider
- champagne flutes
- pitcher of Winner tea
- fez
- Wii
- striped sweaters
- wedding cake
- guitar
- Berner
- Michael Cera
- Leslie 122
- TARDIS (viewed from the outside)
- Toyota Echo
- cherry blossom trees
- Record & Tape Traders
- Stone Chapel
- Longfellow Elementary School
- AMC Owings Mills
- San Antonio River Walk

Clearly, I had help with this list.  I look forward to sharing the details of who was involved with you soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the thought of a game like this.  Oh, and I almost forgot, in your game, whenever the katamari increases in size, you shall hear it exclaimed, "Oh my word."


  1. K,

    Hooray! This was the greatest post ever! You earn an automatic level up and I've decided to reward you 2 extra hearts for your life gauge!

    Mark's Katamari ball contained a I (Heart) Katamari.... it was the seed on which the whole Katamari developed. In related news, Kendall has since shared photos of people who had a Katamari-themed wedding. The cakes were breathtaking.

    I can certainly tell a number of thoughtful friends were involved in the crafting of my great Katamari. I'm thankful for all of you!

    Thanks for devoting a post in my honor. You rock!

  2. the "Oh my word" part is my favorite :)