Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kazumi - (Kazumi T.)

You may be wondering, "What is a Kazumi?"  However, what you should be asking is, "WHO is Kazumi?" 

Kazumi Frederick Takemasa is my husband's long time friend.  They met in middle school in Western New York.  If I have this right, and I think I do, Kazumi was born in Austria to Japanese parents.  He became an official United States citizen when he married a native Hawaiian who he met in New Jersey.  He and his wife bought us a rice cooker for our wedding.  We love that thing.

Oddly enough, I had already planned to devote a blog entry to Kazumi.  So, while his topic suggestion is not exactly humble, it is entirely acceptable.  Kazumi may be the reason we are all here.  No, he is not some prophetic Japanese mystic (though his name does mean "beautiful harmony" and I wouldn't be surprised to find out he knew something the rest of us didn't.)  Simply put, my husband would not be the gamer he is today (nor I the voyeur) without Kazu.

First, my husband credits Kazumi with introducing him to role playing games.  He says he still remembers renting Final Fantasy II at Kazu's suggestion and becoming immediately consumed with its world and characters.  It was also thanks to Kazu who has family back East, (or would you say West?), the hubs had access to video games only released in Japan.  And finally, no one is a better gaming buddy than Kazu.  I am fairly confident he and my husband have logged thousands of hours on hundreds of games playing together over the years.

Everyone should have a friend like Kazu, but not because his mom makes mad awesome Japanese noodles or because he lives in Hawaii or anything having to do with gaming.  But, because he is weird and relaxed about it, while the rest of us are weird and busy covering it up. 

And, so, because I couldn't resist, here is my Ode to Kazu (and because they met in middle school I chose acrostic): 


Kazumi, not everyone's cup of Japanese tea
A bit socially awkward if you ask me.
Zealous for gaming, both console and PC
Unbending in his taste for his mama's sushi
Manly in Speedos, this Asian can fly
In every measurable way, he scores super high


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  2. This is the best blog post in the history of all blog post within the whole universe.

    But I'm still not an American Citizen because jury duty is dumb :-P

  3. High praise, indeed. I've actually never been chosen to even show up for jury duty. The hubs has to call on Tuesday...