Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"There's an app for that." - (Mark A.)

Gotta tweet, search a recipe or restaurant on the go?
"There's an app for that."

Need to catch a lobster, raccoon or a mouse, oh no!?
"There's a trap for that."

Feel the urge to be an onstage ham?
"There's a tap for that"

Have a dreaded yearly exam?
"There's a pap for that"

Wanna emote ghetto-fabulous style?
"There's a rap for that."

Desire to look like an early Gentile?
"There's a flap for that."

Wow.  Well, that little game degraded fairly quickly, didn't it?  Fabulous.  If you have any more, I would love to hear them.  I had one for lap, but it really was not appropriate.  Moving on...

Right now, Instagram is my favorite app.  The 8 megapixel camera on the iPhone 4S is amazing.  I love having that at my fingertips to document daily delights.  Far from being obsessed with it, Instagram is simply a fun way for me to enhance what I capture and share it with all of you.  So, while understandably my favorite subjects are my two beautiful girls, I have something special brewing for my voyeur viewers.

Starting in February, I plan to present my "VGV Insta-G of the day".  Each day, I will share a photo through the eyes of the voyeur, all video game related and guaranteed to please.  Be sure to check my Facebook page for the photos.  (don't forget to give my page some "like" love so you don't miss any Insta-G's or other gems.)

And now, back to the are some words for you to ponder...crap, lap, nap, slap, zap...


  1. Feel as though the hills are alive?
    "There's a von Trapp for that."

    Like the Michael Strahan look?
    "There's a g------ap for that."

    Cabonation building up?
    "There's a braaaaaaaap for that."

    Craving pure maple syrup?
    "There's a sap for that."

    Nice job KP.

  2. and LOL loner2003 @ "there's a von Trapp for that" nice.