Friday, January 13, 2012

Interview voyeurs and compare experiences - (Laura C.)

First, I want to thank everyone who responded to my email survey.  I really enjoyed reading what you had to say about how video games play into your lives.  Plus, you guys crack me up.  I am looking forward to directly quoting a few of you in a few. 

Second, while most of you are fairly affirming of your man (let's be honest we are all women married to men who play video games), some of you are not.  And, I some times got the feeling that I was the first person to hear some of your thoughts.  No one ever wrote anything close to, "This is what we have agreed on" or "after discussing this we decided..."  Please, please, please talk to your husband about his gaming.  He needs to know if you have an issue. 

Third, I want to take a minute to address the avid gamers in our midst.  I have your back.  You know I do.  Video gaming is a legitimate hobby.  But, golf is also a legitimate hobby.  I know douches who play both.  Do you catch my drift? 

Now onto the interviews:

When asked what you ladies liked about video games, the majority of you mentioned helping to solve the puzzles.  So cute.  I am sure there is an anthropological explanation for this.  If any of you understand it, please fill me in.  I also got the impression that, while you are glad games bring him joy, you are also pleased it is a hobby that keeps him home, in front of the baby monitor, where he belongs.  Video gaming seems, to some, a lesser evil.

With the exception of a few newlyweds in the group, this is something all voyeurs have had to be creative with at some point.  Suggestions I received ranged in intensity.  Examples included: tapping his arm, sitting next to him and waiting, standing in front of the screen, looking for him to die, (and my personal favorite) stripping.  When we were first married, my husband had a man cave down in the basement complete with a projector and surround sound.  Once, when it was time for dinner (and no amount of shouting worked), I sent the dog down with a sign on his back.  I don't remember if it worked.  

"Can't (he)  just play games rated E for Everyone when (the kid is) around? Is that really so hard?"

"Once he starts a game he cares about, it's pretty much 8pm - 2am until he's beaten it every way it can be beaten (dirty!)"

"I don't like when he gets angry with the game....cursing as if he really did get shot."

"Do you have any idea what I could do with $60?!?!? A bangin’ haircut or a dinner out! Or a new outfit. Such a waste."

From my point of view, I was pleased to find out that, in general, you considered yourselves to be video game voyeurs and tried to spend some time with your husband while he games.  You are all generally supportive (or working on it.)  Now I am curious, do your husband's agree?

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