Friday, September 2, 2011

Top 9 reasons I have not blogged in 3 weeks

9. Beer.
There is always beer in the house, but not MY beer.  I don't need beer to be witty, but it helps.  And motivates.
8. Vacation.
We had a lovely time on Lake George with the extended fam.  However, I feel like I could still use a vacation.  Funny how that works. 
7. Rice cereal.
I forgot how messy and time consuming spoon feeding an infant could be.  And how similar to cement baby rice cereal mixed with formula can become.
6. Hurricane.
We only lost power for 48 hours and thankfully still had hot water.  The true tragedy was that we lost internet and cable for 120 hours.  I am still trembling a bit from the shock.
5. Earthquake.
Ok..., so this contributed in no way to my lack of blogging.  It just seemed like the appropriate follow up to number 6. 
4. The Social Network.
We watched part of this movie before we lost power and then finished it once it was regained.  If this blog isn't going to make me the second youngest billionaire...
3. Elders.
Yup, as in church elders.  I just realized half of the elder team at my church publicly follows my blog and I know another reads it regularly.  Don't worry, this will in no way decrease the sauciness of my posts.  But, it has made me spend valuable blogging time considering whether or not to move to a church with more mature leadership.
2. Candlelight.
Yes, I know I already mentioned the blackout.  But, the candlelight left a lasting impression.  At first, my husband and I played a game of Scrabble to pass the time.  Then we played "a game of Scrabble" to pass the time.  (eh hem) "Scrabble" by candlelight is a lost art.  Even after the power returned we chose "Scrabble." 
1. The hubs
You may gasp and ask, how could this be?!?!  How could my AVG be the reason for my blogglessness?  Well, frankly, he hasn't been gaming with any regularity.  Please refer to numbers 8, 7, 6, 5 and 2.  and 2 again.  and 2 again.  and...



  1. Number 3 is my favorite reason ;)

    But no more excuses, Miss Saucy!

  2. Are elders not allowed to be saucy these days? That was not in the welcome packet...