Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have yourself a merry little

Our children are nestled, all snug in their beds, as we the parents, drink champagne and let it go to our heads.

As I type, my husband is assembling his childhood train set in front of our Christmas tree as a gift for our eldest.  Because he loves me (and you, too) he first created the official 30 day writing challenge list for your viewing pleasure.  It should come to no surprise to you that in order to accomplish this task he created a spreadsheet complete with a column that tallied how many entries he had chosen (x for yes, m for maybe.)  Apparently, he can not otherwise count to 30.    

Thank you for all of your fabulous ideas.  I received nearly twice as many as I needed and this resulted in some tough decisions.  They were all enticing ideas that I may just save for later anyway.

And so, without further adieu, I present my Christmas gift to you.  Here, in a very specific order, are the voyeur's blog topics for January:

1.If I were a video game, which would I be and why
2.How my husband survived a week without his 360
3.What early childhood game does the hubs remember
4.Food or cake related video game
5.Gameplay vs graphics
6.Does anyone play pong, below the root, or tetris>
8.Do you miss softball
9.Gamer personality (do you define the game/gaming preference? ...does the game/gaming preference define you?)
10.Top 10 hottest video game chicks to play as
11.Laundry Achievement Points.
13.Interview voyeurs and compare experiences
14.Your dream video game
15.Voice acting (or attempting)
16.How I put too much pressure on myself
18."There's an app for that"
19.Mobile gaming
20.Potty Training
22.How good are the stories/ plot in games you watch - any attachment to  the story?
23.Mini/micro vans
24.Matthew's birthday
25.My girls in 10 years
26.Back when I was in college
27.Food pairings with video games
28.Video game impaired
29.Stupid hot girls on G4
30.Gamer dads

And now, back to my carpet picnic and champagne.

Merry Merry.


  1. OMG, who put in #27? My absolute favorite! (Doritos, anyone?)

  2. Hooray! I made the list! Thanks in advance for a very special birthday present. I can't wait to see how you handle it. (already grinning ear to ear in anticipation).

  3. I'm interested to read your take on #5, also #22. And of course your take on stupid G4 hot girls ;)