Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 Day Writing Challenge

Ok, folks, I need you.

In an attempt to rejuvenate I am embarking on an adventure.  I am not one for new year resolutions, but come January 1 I plan to blog once a day for 30 days.  The self inflicted rules are as follows:

1. Write one blog entry for this site each day for the first 30 days in January 2012.
2. Each entry must be at least 200 words and posted by midnight that day.
3. Each entry must be written based on a single word or phrase prompt.
4. The prompts will be chosen from suggestions from the blog's beloved readers.
5. The order of the entries will be designed by the hubs and publicized via this blog on December 24 (My Christmas gift to you).
6. Though the daily theme does not need to be video game related, each entry must be written in the style of the video game voyeur (random, saucy and kinda sorta funny).
7. The daily blog title will feature the prompt and the person who submitted it. 
8. Each blog will be shared on both Facebook and Twitter at the time of posting.
9. This endeavor will officially conclude on January 31 at the CurlyRed 5 year anniversary party where girl power will be fully celebrated.

So, as I said, I need you.  Please send me your blog theme suggestions as soon as you feel moved.  You can leave them as a comment here, there, or basically anywhere.  If you need inspiration, there are many 30 day challenge lists online.  The first list I saw was for photography and was what inspired me to take this journey to improve my art.  Since talking (I mean writing) is my thing, I am adapting the idea and making the challenge my own.  Help me create a unique one, one that you will also enjoy.

In video game related news: my husband bet Arkham City, is STILL playing Skyrim and spent at least 20 minutes tonight discussing games in which he had to blow into his handheld system.  Thrilling, I know.


  1. I'm kicking this off. Below are some ideas just to get started. Not necessarily to make it into the final list.

    1. Scooby Doo
    2. Daughters
    3. Mobile
    4. Vodka
    5. New York
    6. Christmas Present
    7. Innocence

    This is going to be fun :)

  2. Okay, here are my first 6:

    1. Geriatric Gaming.
    2. Joystick.
    3. A Very Special Episode.
    4. BFP (eh?!)
    5. Avatar.
    6. Laundry Achievement Points.

  3. I'll be self indulgent


  4. You could have a series of entries where you interview fellow video game voyeurs and compare experiences, and then dissect the differences in voyeur styles, all while adding your trademark saucy spin.

  5. Oh, and a story about how you put too much pressure on yourself.

  6. gaming related:

    1. You dream video game
    2. Video games as movies
    3. Stupid hot girls on G4

    not gaming related:

    1. do you miss softball?
    2. favorite high-school memory?
    3. Zoe and G in 10 years
    4. Zach and Banana Republic
    5. Beer personalities

  7. The video-game perhaps a childhood friend of your who once played Mario Brothers for six straight hours trying to beat the first level...

  8. 1. All your base are belong to us.
    2. Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.
    3. The geek shall inherit the earth (that one's a "true/false and explain")
    4. Fancy Nancy

  9. video game related:

    1. voice acting (or attempting)
    2. gamer personality (do you define the game/gaming preference? ...does the game/gaming preference define you?
    3. paying for MMO currency
    4. homage to video game original gangstas
    5. cosplay
    6. japanese gaming culture

    not directly video game related:

    1. gamer dads
    2. food pairings with video games
    3. video games reimagined as children's books
    4. video game slogans that should be on t-shirts
    5. llamas