Friday, July 8, 2011

Preach it, brother

The Battlefield fans are restless.  I believe it bothers them deeply that I have my doubts.  One particular friend of mine, who I will refer to as snowjumpstump (SJS), was moved to message me, 

"i think you and i should have a sit down
about the merits of battlefield bad company 2 
and why that game has helped shape battlefield 3
and how AWESOME it's going to be!"

You have to admire his conviction.  I just can't get into watching games like this, Call of Duty, etc. 

Our conversation went on to conjure up the idea of me watching him and his buddies play.  Surely, I would then be converted.  An added bonus: I could see a PS3 perform and finally decide to buy one for the hubs.   

This was exciting.  I was being wooed by another.  But then, wouldn't it be cheating if I watched another man play?  SJS is a happily married AVG (avid video gamer) to a beautiful VGV (video game voyeur) of his own.  Even in the name of Battlefield one would have to be mad to belittle such bliss.

We came to our senses.  SJS would simply bring his PS3 to my place.  He would play with my husband, therefore making it fully acceptable for me to watch.  Kinky...

In seriousness, the challenge is on.  SJS has proclaimed his mission to bring me to Battlefield.  I appreciate his concern for my voyeuristic soul.  Really, I think he just wants to convince me to buy my husband a PS3 and BF3 so they can play online.

The new game launches in 102 days.  Fellow fans: start praying.


  1. Meh.

    I'd rather you get Zach a nice gaming PC so he can come join me play Battlefield 3 on the PC with the REAL Battlefield fans. That way he can play his game and you have free reign over the TV and you don't have to watch a boring First Person Shooter. And I could probably tell you how to do it for a similar price of a PS3.

    So tell us Kristin, what type of games do you like to watch? I'd be interested in reading a post about your preferences.

  2. Kazu, get out of my head. My top games to watch is coming soon.

    You gamers are CRAZY. I love it!

  3. Didn't you know? Playing video games gives you PSYCHIC POWERS!!!!