Sunday, June 19, 2011

Come peep with me

I live a typical life for a woman of my generation.  I own a home, two cars and a dog.  I have 2 young children.  My husband is an avid video gamer.

I never owned a video game console.  But now, thanks to nuptial law, I own all of Nintendo's systems, a PS1, a PS2 and a 360.  I respect my spouse's interests.  Though I willingly pick up his Wii-mote, I am not a player.  I use the 360 to stream Netflix and watch DVDs.  I have a gamertag, but no gamerscore.   

I have observed a lot about video gaming over the years.  Last night I learned that "you're giant", "just tap that", "whatever you have I don't want it" and "I want to hit you with my huge baseball bat" are common things to exclaim while playing Super Smash Bros. with your buddy.  I also learned I might need to be jealous of Samus.

Video gaming is a big part of my husband's life and therefore a big part of mine.  He works hard and loves us very much.  He even kind of watched Gilmore Girls with me today.  In return I can accept that our peaceful evenings may play out to the sounds of zombies being shot at from close range.

So, in part, this blog is for him.  Happy Father's Day, baby.  I hope you like it too.

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