Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 9 reasons why I watch video games

Top 10 lists are overdone and overrated, but Top 9 lists are the wave of the future.  How do I know?  The number 9 is way more sexy than the number 10.  Here is the first of my Top 9's for your pleasure:

Top 9 Reasons Why I Watch Video Games

9. The learning curve is too fracking frustrating to play
8. My husband looks particularly alluring in the video game playing position (approximately two inches of tush on the cushion, elbows on well spread knees, neck stretched as far forward as humanely possible, brow furrowed, lips pursed).
7. Who needs illegal substances when there is Mario Galaxy?
6. I am considering a career as a blue healing mage sprite pixy fairy
5. The "Assassin" looks fantastic perched on a spire and can fly like an eagle even though his "Creed" may be a bit questionable.
4. Coordinating camouflage
3. For the articles...right boys?
2. It's my living room too, I might as well "bust on some fools while we here."
1. My husband appreciates it.  I ask him questions.  He feels cool.  Kind of like when we watch football.  He asks me questions.  I feel cool.


  1. I ROFL at #1.
    #9 is a giant problem when for us. Often while watching, Blythe will become interested in a game enough that she'll want to play. More often than not, she'll hit a wall because her hand eye coordination can't keep up with the games demands. This frustrates me has since made me a big supporter of easy mode.

  2. 7-part b. Who also needs illegal substances when there is Katamari Damacy? I'm pretty sure they were on LSD when they made it. It's the only explanation.

  3. @dakazu - so glad you're reading. so glad you're amused.

    @CurlyRed - amen, sister.