Tuesday, February 7, 2012

QUIZ: What Your Man's Video Gaming Says About His Potential

A la Cosmopolitan, answer these questions to discover what really matters about your man: his video gaming personality.    

1. When did your man start playing video games regularly?

A. At a young age, possibly under the influence of a Japanese friend, or other socially awkward companion
B. In high school or college because every one else was staying up til 2am doing it
C. In the womb

2. When your man is playing what do you have to do to get his attention?

A. Stand directly in his field of view
B. Wait until he dies and then say his name sharply and loudly
C. Nothing, it is impossible to get his attention

3. What is your man playing right now?

A. Skyrim in an attempt to beat it before Mass Effect 3 comes out
B. Modern Warfare 3 in an attempt to put that 12-year-old online snot in his place
C. What is he not playing?

4. When your man is playing games what does he prefer you do?

A. Sit close by, provide positive feedback and help him solve the puzzles
B. Simply share a snack or do something you enjoy on your own
C. Leave the house

5. How many pieces of video game inspired clothing does your man own?

A. A few
B. None
C. That is all he owns

Mostly A's: Video Game Geek - your man may be obsessed, but he is super cute.
the good: his hobby is harmless.  he has plenty of room for you.
the bad: you may hear more about the adventures from his latest video game title than his actual life.
the bedroom: blow his mind with 8-bit inspired lingerie

Mostly B's: Video Game Gangsta - your man may be charged with testosterone, but he has found an acceptable outlet.
the good: his drive will equal success in all areas of life.  stick with him and reap the rewards.
the bad: he may be using video games to compensate for a self-assumed shortcoming.  
the bedroom: stroke his ego.  or controller.  or both. 

Mostly C's: Video Game Goner - your man may be lost, but you can still show him the way.
the good: he needs you. 
the bad: he might not notice you.
the bedroom: dress up as Laura Croft, Catwoman, Princess Peach or similar.

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